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What Constitutes A Sex Crime In Virginia?

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The state of Virginia has very clear definitions on what constitutes a sex crime, with differing levels of severity for each type of sex crime.

Read below to learn some of the types of sex crimes you can be convicted for in Virginia, sex crimes penalties, and how those charged with a sexual offense can seek the help of a sex crimes lawyer.

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Charged With Sexual Assault Crimes in Virginia? Here’s What To Expect

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If you have been charged with sexual assault crimes in Virginia, the first thing to know is that the commonwealth of Virginia does not take these offenses lightly. Sex crimes are considered especially heinous under Virginia law, and offenders are subject to severe penalties.

However, the public nature of sex crime cases in Virginia makes the experience of being prosecuted even more harrowing for sex crime defendants.

Keep reading to learn what to expect if you are charged with sexual assault crimes in Virginia.

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Do You Have to Register as a Sex Offender in Virginia?

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If you’ve been charged or convicted of indecent exposure you may be asking the question, “Do you have to register as a sex offender in Virginia?”

The answer, if you’ve been convicted, most often is “Yes.”

Keep reading to learn more about registering as a sex offender in Virginia.

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